The second half of life..

By twigs

Golden Bay

Yay!!!  I made it :)  It's only taken about 6 or so weeks of trying but when I did finally get 'over the hill' and dropped into Golden bay it felt goooooooood.  It always does.  Unfortunately it's only going to be a short trip but what I've learned from past experience is that short trips are the travel equivalent of a power nap........they rejuvenate energy, refresh the mind and replenish the soul.   

I've driven to my old favourite camping site; it's no longer an 'official' camping spot and so I'm the only one here, but the peacefulness is absolutely glorious.  I did a quick reccy of my tui hangout this evening but not a tui in sight.  I'm about 6 weeks late judging by the state of the flowers they usually gorge on which are now stalks of dried up and empty flower heads.  Maybe there will be some who pop in for a latecomers breakfast tomorrow morning........?

In COVID news today there were 194 new community cases.  88 people are in hospital and 7 in ICU.  Sadly, one person has passed away.

Aucklanders learned today that they will regain many of their freedoms at the end of November and will be then able to travel anywhere in the country from December 15th, so long as they are fully vaccinated or can provide proof of a negative test from the previous 72 hours. The following month or so will have many holding their breaths waiting to see how fast and how widely the virus will spread. 

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