The door is locked just you and me

Bathroom DIY complete.

To celebrate, after a long hard four days at work, I karchered the bathroom.

I don’t know why I leave it so long between Karchers; it always makes me so content when it’s done.

After the hectic week at work I can’t believe I had the brain power left in me to operate the thing; but I had and it’s grand! And sterile.

Shower is fitted.

Wasn’t without it’s issues but I knew he’d get it done. He always does - he always seems to forget the terrible bits; if he remembered them he’d never pick up his tool box again.

First thing he said to me on Wednesday was ‘if I Suggest doing something to the house again stop me’. I ignored him because I’m six months he’ll want to do something else.

He still has the hole in the wall to sort; but I’m getting kinda used to it; as everyone said; move the picture it’s the same size …. It actually makes for a rather nice abstract.

Does anyone know what I do for a living? Have I actually mentioned it?

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