Today, chaos reigned. 

We had to clear out the garage, before Gary recommences operations in the morning. He is expecting to start cutting out a new doorway to the shower room extension. Oh my, what a wangled teb weave we.... 

About a third of the stuff in the garage is going to be recycled at the nearest landfill...

The rest has been redistributed. The shed, which was bulging anyway. The back of my estate car. Our beautiful conservatory, and even the summer bench has been roped in. 

Y O Y.... do we do it. The amount of clutter is, well, all I can say is never before has my flabber been so ghasted!

It is for the greater good, and quite cathartic. One mustn't get attached to twenty year old tins of paint and varnish... I think I will gloss over that.  Even now, there is a sense of greater things to come, when the messy bits are over.. 

Lots of lovely comments on blip yesterday. Very gratifying, very kind. Thank you! 

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