Dramatic skies

Some dramatic skies for our walk today!

We had intended to go out for the day, but the weather forecast had changed overnight and the fine, sunny weather promised yesterday didn't look very likely. Instead, we decided on a trip in to Berwick for some DIY essentials, and a short walk on Spittal prom. Sunshine and showers, but somehow we managed to avoid getting soaked!

An unplanned lunch of fish & chips, eaten in the van whilst watching the waves crash against the rocks at the Greenses Harbour. By then the weather was wild, with torrential rain and a strong, gusty wind.

Home to continue work on our bedroom, at least that's what was intended. But we hadn't been back long before Jacqui and Fletch paid a surprise visit, and before we knew it the afternoon had disappeared...

(Most days recently Blip inspiration has been lacking. Today too many photos to choose from! Two extras of Berwick across the Tweed estuary, the second of which shows all three bridges. The second two photos are looking south from the prom.) 

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