By dunkyc

Puff o(a?) smoke

And like that “puff(a)” they were gone.

The irony is that today dawned really cold and there was an actual, genuine need of a decent puffa jacket. The good news is that you will not have to listen to me going on about puffa jackets any more after today.

Beautiful day out and was glad of a quick lunchtime to accompany P as she ran an errand. Less glad of returning to work, but the afternoon passed quickly and it was soon time to collect the wee ones and catch up with them about their weekend and swap notes on the Strictly result (which we all agreed was the right one).

Just before collecting them, I did take this one of the pinkening early evening light (no filter here), realising soon after that it is probably good practice to clean windows on the inside every once in a while too…

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