By Charente

Grand Frais shopping.....

It has been a very long day.  We were up quite early this morning and after a few jobs we went down to see the Mayor.  I needed his signature for the pensions in the UK to say I was still alive! 

We had an early lunch and Mr C's appointment with the chiropractor was at 14h00.  (40-minute drive) We only left there at 15h30 after all the questions plus treatment, he was very thorough.  Close by is Grand Frais where we stopped to buy a few vegetables and some fruit which is a bit short in the garden at present.  Here I took my only photo with the mobile.  We then had to stop at Leclerc to buy things like dairy products etc and we only got home in the dark just before 18h00!

We then had another problem……  A part for the Velux which we ordered in the UK to be delivered to friends in the UK had not arrived.   We had an email in French saying they could not find the address??????????  Still trying to sort this one out.  We have not had a single straightforward delivery in the past 15 months.

Sadly, I have to go shopping again tomorrow as the supermarket had run out of bird food, we will have some very unhappy visitors in the morning!!!

Take care and have a great day tomorrow, Thanks for the visits, the comments are always appreciated.

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