Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Last

The cherry trees are giving up their final leaves after putting on a show for the last few weeks.  Winter is coming.

Met up with two birder friends this morning and we enjoyed a couple of miles walking through the woods and along a stream and even a small lake.  We didn't see anything out of the ordinary but the I think we ended up with 20 species.  Not to mention very enjoyable company.  

This afternoon, Hubs and I took Jax to the park which we all enjoyed.  He made friends with a big female pit bull mix who was just the sweetest soul ever.  As usual, he had his nose to the ground most of the time - this has to be the Catahoula in him, born to track.  He's been good today - lots of play time and lots of naps.  It is very quiet downstairs at the moment so I suspect he and Hubs are both napping on the sofa.

The pain in my left breast continues to be annoying, but I really don't think it is anything dire.  I do, however, suspect that it may be either radiation-related or a side effect of the drugs.  I was happy that on both walks today I never felt out of breath, so I think that rules out an embolism.  My plan is to ignore it until I see the doctor next week.  

Almost time to feed the pup, so I will toddle downstairs and see if anyone is awake.  

Dark with raspberries again today.  The tart/sweet combo is quite pleasing.


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