Out and About

By Puffin


Once upon a time in the 1700s there was a little village in Westmorland called Birthwaite . In 1847 the Victorians built a railway west from Kendal to get as close to Lake Windermere as they could. The terminus of the railway was Birthwaite on a ridge about a km from the lake,  but would the tourists come? How would they know this was that this village was a close as you could get to the lake.?  
In 1859 the village changed its name to Windermere.  
Visitors arriving at the station now are sometimes confused because  they can't find the lake.   The bit they are expecting is where the steamers arrive at the village called Bowness , which changed its name to Bowness-on-Windemere so the tourists would find it.  Bowness is  about 2km walk away , too far to drag your case so luckily there is a bus and lots of taxis
The blip is a park in Windermere called Birthwaite Garden with plaques maintained by the Civic Society. The park is on Birthwaite Road but no mention by the Civic Society as to where the name comes from.  I think they've missed a trick. 

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