I still have a rose :-).................

Noticed this while walking around the garden this morning and the odd raindrop just sparkles.

Went into the local town today and managed to buy a 5 kg bag of sunflower seed so we will have some happy Tits and Finches again plus hopefully the Nuthatch.

I am feeling much better today after a nights sleep but I suspect now that I did crack a rib when I fell a week ago.  I lifted something methinks yesterday that it objected to.  I still do not want to have a coughing fit but I do not feel like I need a trip to the Dr!  I will mend soon I hope.

We have heard from Tamron eventually and they need more information, so we still do not know when I will be using that lens again.  Meanwhile, I am struggling to get used to the old and temperamental lens again.

Dinner tonight is a couple of duck legs that I bought at Grand Frais on Wednesday, they were near expiry date and half-price :-) Thinking about doing a cauliflower and mushroom casserole, plus Sweet potatoes with Taro.  I might change my mind though once I get to the kitchen!!  We have an Avocado starter, and then the Medlar Tart that I made yesterday for dessert.  Friday night and I am looking forward to a glass of wine (or 2) tonight.  Californian Zinfandel Rose for me and a Red from the Loire for Mr C.

Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday, I was really not feeling very well and you are always such a great community and cheer me up when down.  Hope you all have a great weekend and keep safe

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