Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Too much to do!

..or perhaps too much done'.  Exhausted.  My day has been buying birthday presents and cards in town, which included a useful couple of circuits of the Christmas Market.  I like the Market this year, it's less squashed together and some of the craft goods are just wonderful - a bit unaffordable, but so beautifully created.

After I'd got what I needed in that direction I had a long food list for tomorrow so it was off to the High Street.  Lunch for J and T, back from Mexico this morning, which means tomorrow they join us for a birthday lunch.  So yes, I've been cooking all afternoon - lemon curd, a base for lasagne (would be great if they were in one recipe, wouldn't it - uhrrgggh), etc.

The worst bit was dragging all the stuff home on the bus without damaging anything.  Wouldn't have been so good if I'd smashed the prosecco bottle, now would it - or my camera!

Happy International Tree Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Friday night - and have a great weekend xx

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