The House that Moved

I went into Exeter this morning. There was something I wanted to do but I also wanted a photo for Wide on Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips). The theme for this week is Shop Fronts and I wasn't aware of anything that would make an interesting photo in the local area.

This is The Merchant's House better known now as 'The House that Moved' and it's presently a wedding dress shop. It is thought to date from 1430 and was in a very decrepit state when the Inner City Bypass was planned and it was to be demolished. At the last minute it was saved by being listed as being of historic and architectural interest. In 1961 the City Council decided to lift it up and move it up the hill to where it stands now. The process is documented here if you'd like to read more about it.

The nature of the building doesn't really suit a wide shot because you can't get a distant shot because of parked vehicles. I used my ultra wide angle lens and took four portrait shots which have been stitched in Lightroom to provide my shot. A bit of straightening was needed plus some cloning to get rid of the last bit of parked car.

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