By Snaefell1883

Birthday treat

I took the day off, as the weather forecast was so amazing, -5deg, sunshine and 50 cm new powder snow. Mr S, my son and a friend went to do ski tour on the Laucherenstöckli, they dropped me off at Restaurant Oberberg. So started in the lovely friendly restaurant with a coffee and a croissant. I left the snow shoes in the car, thinking to walk on the prepared winter Wanderweg. Unfortunately, the way wasn’t prepared and with all the new snow, I sank in at least half a meter with every step! I swapped to the snow shoe trail, luckily someone had lain the trail on skis.
The views were out of this world, and so incredibly quiet and peaceful between the snow covered pines. After a while I reached the prepared route, the Pistenbully had been through, so much easier to walk again.
We all met at the restaurant again, had a little to eat, sat outside, enjoying the sun and the view. Of course, drank a traditional Schumli Pflumli coffee, plum schnapps and whipped cream.
In the evening we had a very small get together, a cheese platter and a couple of bottles of wine with some good friends. All in all a great day, to smooth over the way into my 52nd year!

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