By Ingeborg

Organic lines

Yesterday I had to peel a whole head of garlic (the one of Tuesday's Blip) for our meal of Hainanese Chicken Rice and looking at their skins I kept a couple to capture today. Just like petals they have veins and shades of colour and a silky sheen in certain light.

But I didn't have much time today as it's St Nicholas Eve and we had a family gathering introducing St Nicholas festivities and goodies to Fumiko and Jack. For the goodies including 'banketstaaf' and 'bisschopswijn' see the extra. Jack was very happy with his box full of balloons :-)

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries last week. This week we'll continue with the basic elements of Abstract Photography. This coming Thursday the always optional theme is 'lines'. Lines can be straight or going in curves, they can be architectural , parallel or disappearing into infinity, but whatever kind they are, they work well in abstract. For inspiration and examples you could Google 'abstract photography lines'. This week's tag will be AT337.

Here's the list of 5 special entries from last Thursday:
ExtraTime             a shiny winter's abstract
LesleyAlsford       a tree in motion
random_angel      a dreamy sea- and skyscape
NickyR                  a Pep Ventosa-like scene in the woods
AngelsShare        a  peeling paint abstract

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's cookies :-)

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