Teignmouth Lighthouse

I was pleased to receive my camera back this morning. It's about 7 weeks since I sent it back to Nikon for a minor warranty repair because the latching mechanism for the SD card wasn't working. It's been sent to foreign countries, stuck in customs and according to the information received the job took 30 minutes to complete.

I started replacing the parts removed so I could use it and almost the first thing I found was that the SD card mechanism wasn't latching. Must be a dodgy card , I thought and took a brand new one from its packaging. That doesn't latch either, can you believe it? I've sent an email to the Customer Service Manager and I'm looking forward to hearing from her.

Marian arrived back by train this morning and I picked her up from the station. She's had a great time and been looked after very well by her daughters but she's glad to be home again.

Another day another lighthouse. It doesn't look like a serious lighthouse, I suppose it's the toytown blue painted top that does it, but it is. It came into service in 1845 and it was Grade II listed in 1949.

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