The Vantage

Low tide being somewhere just after midday, I thought I'd take a cycle down to Cramond to have a look at the lie of the land when there's no water about. That's what I thought I'd do. Did I say that? But more, much more than this, I went to the Island and peered out from the Eagle's Nest. Like a Valkyrie. Machine gun cocked.
And exactly like a Valkyrie I went home to warm up and practice the fiddle, before it was time to step, with clinking beers, up to Just Sitting's gaff for a curry. And who arrived but EcoDad, Not Seeing Straight, and Middleman! A blip meet up, no less. Aye, with no girlies to distract us from our catty chats.
Except that Middleman had to keep checking the Hull score. And I had to keep opening Eco's Islay Ales. A fine, fine evening. Many thanks to the boy who was left with the dishes....

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