The Way I See Things


Flaunting it

Nine days to go.


Sorry. Needed that.

R and I sat down to do some detailed logistical planning this morning, and got pretty much nowhere. Every decision seems to hang on the answers to other questions, some of which - such as the Omicron situation - we won't be able to address sensibly until next week.

On the subject of which... I've gone down with what I can only hope is just a bad cold, but which neatly ticks all the Omicron symptom boxes. I did a lateral flow test today, which was negative, but I've reported everything on the ZOE/King's College app, and if they offer me a PCR test I'll take up the offer, just to be sure. I'm not worried personally, R and I both being triple-vaxxed, but I certainly don't want to be giving Omicron to any of the younger members of the family, who aren't.

As I was feeling mouldy I stayed indoors for all of the day except for the half-minute when I stepped out onto the front lawn to take this photo. I'm quite pleased with the wreath I made last week, though it is perhaps just a little bit Look At Me. This is a Georgian house though, and Look At Me (or, as R and I generally describe it, All Mouth and Trousers) pretty much encapsulates the design ethos, so overdecoration is wholly appropriate.

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