By carliewired

Snow and Sugar Cookies

A large snowfall as
promised  wrote the agenda
for my entire day


I was up in the dark drinking my morning coffee without a sense of the volume of snow that had accumulated overnight. I peered out the windows at my deck. It did appear to be more than the previous snowfall but I was uncertain. 

I called my brother at the coast who reported he had just a skiff of snow and it was already melting. He noted that there were several areas in the province without power but he was all right. 

At 11, I decided I should venture out to clear the snow on the driveway and see if I could drive off for my photos. It was -5 C with light snow falling. I popped open the garage door to discover an impressive amount of snow and I knew my plans for the day would be altered. 

I launched into the driveway with my trusty snow shovel. I cleared off a three foot swath in front of the garage doors. It was heavy pushing on that shovel! I tackled the front walkway between the garage and the front door. I was quite amazed by the volume of snow. I popped back into the house for a ruler and my camera. The deepest portion by my front door measured 11 inches. I was already feeling tired and unsure I could manage the snow load. I couldn't muscle the shovel to push the snow far enough so my truck would have a clear path. I pulled out my cell phone and called my "White Knight". He said he'd be over after lunch with his snow plow to dig me out. I was so relieved. 

I resolved that I wasn't going anywhere today. I turned my attention to my kitchen and began to assemble the ingredients for sugar cookies. I haven't made these in at least 20 years. I found an interesting recipe on YouTube. I put everything I would need on the counter and began. 

I've forgotten the reason one uses unsalted butter. Luckily, I had some. I really had to scout around the kitchen to find my electric mixer. It's a simple recipe that makes a rather stiff dough. I was afraid I'd burn out the motor on the mixer so I finished the last mixing by hand. I divided the dough into two portions, wrapped each in plastic wrap and stored them in the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I roll, cut and bake. If they turn out, I might take a photo. If not, I will not utter another word on that topic. 

We reached our highest temperature today of -4 C at 3 PM. We can expect some snow flurries overnight and clearing in the morning. 

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