By MarilynParker

Surprise gift

My daughter Karen surprised me with this gift. It has more than one great function! It's filled with alcohol, it lights up with a steady light, you can set it to a flashing light and it's also a snow globe. Love it.
Set up new phone yesterday and of course there are bound to be things that don't go exactly to plan. My whatsapp has reverted to 2019 for some reason. When I upload photos to my PC and select erase after upload, it does not erase them - the phone prevents it! The 2 fingerprints I did yesterday as security - neither of them would work today! I managed to pair the phone with my car for phone calls but cannot get it to integrate for satnav.
Terry has been getting all my emails on his phone (it was mine before).
Don't you just love technology?!
I am sure we'll get it all sorted but it's irritating - and what's even more irritating is that they no longer supply you with a charging cable - their excuse being to protect the environment. What a load of hogwash! They mean to penny-pinch as they know for sure you need to charge your phone and you'll have to buy one. Previous one needed for previous phone as being used by someone else.

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