Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Here's looking at you..

It was only morning, but the robin in the garden looks like it's had its Christmas dinner already - rotund is the word.  Fluffed up perhaps against the cold, as it was distinctly cooler and windier than it has been.  I don't think this is the photobomber who has been with us since early last year when still in immature plumage with just small patches of orange breast.  This bird is much shyer, not venturing out much from dense cover, and taunting the blipper by disappearing every time I raised the camera.  Eventually I managed a few shots, mostly out of focus or shakey.

This is the best I could do before retreating to the warmth to get on with preparations for Christmas Dinner for the two of us.  Alas for poor Gus, not much of interest for a carnivore.  And now it's time for his evening walk around the block.

Happy Christmas to everyone in Blipland!

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