This blurry looking abstract is in the waiting room where I was waiting to get my cortisone injection. I was apprehensive to say the least and I suppose the mural is there to relax patients. I really had difficulty deciding whether to get the injection as I have turned a corned and the severe pain is so much better. There are side effects from any medical procedure. After discussion with my doctor yesterday we decided to go ahead as it might speed up the recovery and make it last longer. My daughter said it might be easier if I didn’t have a medical knowledge. What I learnt 50 years ago when I started nursing is  pretty “last century” so I wanted some up to date evidence. 

I was told at one place by a receptionist that you can’t have a Covid booster 2 weeks before or after a steroid injection. So down the rabbit hole I went to try and find out if this was true. I called the radiology provider and the specialist said it “might” reduce the booster’s effect but the evidence wasn’t in. My choice. How can you make an informed decision when you don’t know the facts. So I went to the source documents and found the only research was for 1st and 2nd dose of Pfizer and Moderna (good numbered studies). The steroid was mostly oral doses and for monkeys or humans. So far there is no evidence for boosters which isn’t really surprising in this fluid situation. There is evidence about a slight drop in Flu vaccination coverage for people on long term steroids. The recommendation is to delay if possible except in circumstances where you might benefit from the vaccination. Your choice. Our Covid figures this week have gone from 4 to 49 yesterday and 120 today. “How good is that?”. We are booked for boosters tomorrow so I rang to check if they were happy to give it because I didn’t want to waste an appointment someone else might need. Decision is to go ahead for no medical reason, more for convenience. Do I overthink these things? (Don’t answer) 

My back is still numb from the Local anaesthetic so I don’t know how the injection is working yet.

On other Covid news….the state government, Federal government, ATAGI, Border Force and Tennis Australia are all trying to put blame on each other for the Novak Djokovic debacle. Who will win? The judge of course ….who has the final say as to whether he can stay and defend his Australian Open Title. I should have been a judge or a Radiologist as they both make good money. I would never have made any money from being a tennis player as I’m very bad at tennis, golf and any game that involves a round ball type object that needs hitting. Djokovic is safe from competition from me.

Take care blippers. 

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