Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius


telepathic dna 

from album Dopamine by Soccer96 - in top few wanna sees live.

my neuro-transmitters are blasting away courtesy of the above album and a glass or Oloroso followed by Rioja.

Snow/sleet and icy winds for much of today hence a home shot. Either I've got dandruff, or more likely need dusting is in order.

Soccer96 – Telepathic DNA

Used to prefer coloured vinyl/picture disc; now generally seek plain black (if available) as better sound quality - it's harder. 

Moved my speakers at bit further into the room as potentially better sounding ( as it more closely mimicks the soundstage (where the recording mics may have been placed apparently). 

Played a familiar test recording CD -Roni Size/Reprazent - New Forms only to discover that the right channel of my CD player was not working properly. The landmark album that got me into drum n bass. So the jury is still out.

me - Tidied up some papers earlier and a bit of financial planning. Cooked a couple of batch meals (smoked salmon pasta - fridge only) and bolognaise a la Jamie Oliver (freezer).

others(& me) -  a few messages and a longish call tonight re a rugby club safeguarding / wellness issue -productive.

feel better for all of it. 

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