By Picturemull


Was torn between this image and the extra but decided on this as it shows the process of the natural dismantling by weather/water of this particular patch of reeds.  What struck me on looking back at the linked blip was the title I used, looks like peanuts by today's standards - add on another 100,000.  Are we getting completely desensitized by these figures?  The Tories are destroying the UK through their management of the pandemic.  The infrastructure is now crumbling - whether it is the postal service, public transport or the NHS (and where is the blame being laid?).  You have to wonder if it's intentional.  Anyone else seen the tv advert for instant access to a GP 24/7 for only £7.99 a month?  Do subscribers then get to jump queues if referrals / treatment is required?  Survival of the richest.

I am trying not to comment on what is going on as it makes for very negative blipping, but failed today.  

My extra looks to me like little fishes swimming through hazardous waters.

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