By hazelh

Brewing at the Figgate Tap

About a quarter of the kitchen space in Paddy and Caitlin's flat, including a large cupboard, is dedicated to Paddy's brewing exploits. This is a piece of equipment found on top of a fridge inside the cupboard. 

We had a great afternoon and evening with Paddy and Caitlin in Porty today. We first completed the exit game that Mr hazelh and I started before Christmas without once having to resort to the hint book. Then we played Catan (I won - hurrah!), took a break for a Mexican feast (all beans approved), and returned to the games table afterwards to play a potions brewing game called Quacks of Quedlinburg (lots of fun).

Earlier in the day I helped Mr hazelh select photos from our 2021 archive for our annual Blurb photobook, and rode my exercise bike while watching the first episode of The girl before.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike.

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