By Ridgeback13


Woke with a sore throat and headache after a very disrupted night’s sleep. Did a test and it was negative so just got up and started the day with some paracetamol.
The headache cleared and I spent all day in meetings online, trying out a different set up so I don’t take over the kitchen table. Ok although the lighting’s not great so may rethink.
Very quiet day (unlike at Westminster….what a disgrace…the beauty of Blip is that we can all see what we did on 20/5/20 and there’s no sign of any parties!), and all too sedentary. No inspiration for supper so we all ended up making random different things and I had a portion of lasagne that I’d frozen before Christmas.
We binge watched Rules of the Game which was good although with a possibly over dramatic ending, whilst I played online scrabble with Kt.

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