By Shutterup

Can't go wrong

Sunny days... are simply the best thing at this time of year.  There hasn't been a cloud in sight all day... glorious.  IT was extremely frosty this morning however.  The poor guy turned up to  valet my mouldy car and we couldn't even open the door as it had frozen shut!!  However, he soon thawed it out and processed it to the point of showroom standard.. he suggested leaving the car running for an hour or two more when he left but then he spotted ithe car only had a few miles left in the tank so he stopped the engine and suggested I give it another hour or so when I have filled up tomorrow perhaps.  I might just put a hot air blower in there instead.
I had a really good cleaning day.. got weird spring clean type jobs done which feels nice. eg Washed the cover on the sofa... yay! 

I need to get out more.. but it feels like an achievment doing jobs that keep being put off.. the brain gets freed up from all that self nagging!

Snowberries.. I don't see the point of them.. the birds don't eat them.. they are thugs of plants too.. 

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