By megabreadvan

DJI Osmo ActionCam

For my birthday today, which was a total surprise, I got a DJI Osmo ActionCam. Basically a sort of very small GoPro type camera. Not really useful for taking still photos, even if it has that function. Here is a photo taken of our frosty jungle of a garden, using it.

The intention is to mainly use the DJI to film my videos for my YouTube Channel. Up to now I've been using my phone to do that, which is OK up to a point. The main disadvantages being the selfie shots being out of focus if I'm too far from the camera and/or exposure issues. My phones video function doesn't like dull days or too much sun.

Only a matter of time will tell if it is useful. One nice touch is that I can control the DJI Osmo remotely from my phone using an app. So lots of new things to learn.

We are all COVID negative finally, since the end of last week. So the kids are back at college now. I'll have my first English lessons since before Christmas, tomorrow morning. So after a morning playing with my new toy, this afternoon I'll have to do some lesson planning then clean and tidy the "classroom" ready for tomorrow.
Thumpah is working from home 3 days a week, including today. So the cleaning will have to be done once she has finished.

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