By MarilynParker

A sad day

The photo is of my new books and I am posting it a day late due to a sad event that occurred yesterday (it was on the 13th and I am posting for the 13th but doing it on the 14th).
Our neighbour, Ted, was found dead at home yesterday teatime. It appeared that he had died in the morning as his paper was still in the letterbox where another neighbour had placed it in the morning. He was found stretched out in a chair with no clear signs of what caused his death so hopefully he did not suffer. He had not been ill. Another neighbour, and his friend, found him. Ted has been our neighbour ever since we moved here in August 1998. His dad was still alive then and he lived with his dad. Ted has lived alone for many years now. I was so sad to hear this yesterday that I could not post till today.
Ted is a fello melanoma survivior. I had melanoma in 2010 (no evidence of spread) and he had it a few years ago - his had already spread and he had quite a bit of surgery but was informed that it was terminal re the spread. However, they gave him immunotherapy, which had no guarantee to work but it did and the spread all vanished. He has been having regular MRI scans since and they kept coming back clear - the consultant told him last year that it was very unlikely to come back now. 
Ted will be very much missed. I will miss our chats. He was a similar age to me, just a little younger (I'm 71). 
RIP Ted.

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