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By MildlyOffensive

Über den Wolken

Above the canopy - white liberty!

VV (pronounced FowFow), a friend of mine from Sweden, is visting her parents in Bavaria this weekend and we decided to go skiing. So I picked her up at her parents' place in Landsberg am Lech and we went to Oberstdorf, one of the nicer skiing resorts in Germany. When we arrived at the valley station just before 9 o'clock the parking ground was nearly deserted (which was good), probably mostly because the optical range in the valley was below 20 meters (which obviously was bad). With a little mixed feeling we went up to find sunny weather, a blue sky, perfectly prepared slopes, and next to no other skiers. That pretty much stayed that way all day long, besides the last hour or so when the snow got a little watery due to rather warm temperatures. So all in all a perfect skiing day.

So after a rather exhausting but pleasant experience we made a quick stop at Landsberg again and at my place in Munich to prepare for the evening. First we went to Blue Nile, a superb Ethiopian restaurant, to meet up with Elena, Elke, Jasmin, Jaro and Max. To end the night we transferref to another of my favourite gin mills in my neighbourhood, Bar Sehnsucht. Although already quite tired we stayed there until 4 o'clock (ish) and drank rather too much. Fell into bed completely knackered.

And another point to add to yesterday's lessons:
4. After jury-rigging your shower with the tools from your car, better memorize which side is hot water and which is cold. Otherwise you might experience a rather unpleasant morning.

Oh, and this photo is taken with my small camera, a Casio Exilim EX-ZR10.

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