By Dakers

The Repair Shop

Is a TV programme on BBC which features craftsmen restoring and repairing much cherished family heirlooms which have had a hard life. I can certainly recommend it and enjoy for its edification value.

Today’s Blipfoto could have been titled "Use It Or Lose it 2" 
This wheelbarrow was a "volunteer" left in "The Policies" about 20 years by Council workmen.

I did inform them, but they were not interested. I have used it on various occasions but, I think it has now reached the end of its working life.

It is certainly no heirloom, however, I will have to "recycle" the remains.

Interestingly the tyre still holds air although the tread and sidewall rubbers is showing signs of age.

It is the weekend, and we should do weekend delights.

Pat is still unwell, so we will have a relaxing day.

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