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Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!

Another pleasant day today on which I did very little!
I planted up a pot of pink tulips especially for Ali this year. Tulips because she loves them and pink because she'd just had Josie.
Nice idea but I haven't a clue which pot they are in. The one on the left here looks like it may have tulips, but if that is the case they are through before the daffodils which may possibly be in the other pot. On the other hand they could be tulips too as there were too many for one pot!
I've got four more pots in the back garden, just like these two - I can see it's going to be a long process identifying the right one. Hopefully I'll work it out before all the tulip flowers are past. Either that or she's going to have a continuous supply of bulbs, which would be nice for her, but I'd miss having some too.
Note to self, don't rely on memory next year, it has given up, use plant markers! And water proof pen, far more reliable
Did a bit of wardrobe clearing today - if it was just my wardrobes that needed clearing out it wouldn't be so bad but it's the whole house. Still every little helps, two black bags later!
In the process I came across a lovely and very fine white silk scarf which had a rust stain on it, so I put that, and a white pashmina into cool water in the sink to soak then hand wash. When I consider how expensive they were it seems ridiculous to have them in without cleaning them, but as I pushed them under the water in the sink I noticed that they both said dry clean only. I carried on though, I can't see myself dry cleaning them and as they were, they were not going to be worn.
It was a nice blowy day today so I hung them out, using hankies to protect them from dirt from either the line or the pegs and the stains are all gone. A gentle iron and they'll be good as new. Very satisfying.
Comfort food Carbonara for dinner tonight then the last episode of The Girl Before. Hope it doesn't stop me sleeping, we may round off with a comedy before bedtime just to lighten things up a bit.
Keep safe folks

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