Enjoying The Craic

It was a very early start to the day to get to Manchester Airport for a 9am flight to Cork, travelling with my two sons and blip bear for a short trip to Ireland. The sun has shone for most of the day and out of the wind it has felt positively warm. Spring has arrived in Ireland at least even if it has not reached England yet.

Neither of my lads has ever tasted Guinness, let alone the true flavour of a pint pulled in its country of origin. That had to be rectified at the first opportunity so we popped into Arundel's Bar in Ahakista for this very special initiation. Blip Bear, of course, had to be included ... and Kiwi. The evening started very innocently, but you know how it is. Guinness in Ireland is so smooth. One pint leads to another. And another. I can only report that Blip Bear and Kiwi had a great time, entertaining the locals with stories of their travels and many adventures. Those stories got larger and longer as the evening wore on. Then there was dancing on the table. That perhaps wasn't such a good idea. They are going to feel a bit delicate in the morning,

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