Enjoying the journey

By barnabash

UFO Bridge, Bratislava

Morning - I took my old point-and-shoot film camera (the Olympus mju-1) took some photos with it - I really want to finish the film roll that has been loaded in it for ... how long exactly? 8-9 years? Perhaps even more :c) I really cannot remember. Once developed, it will be a real surprise (and I will share if anything comes out of it). Oh, btw it is a roll of Kodak T-Max ISO 100. I loved this film!

Evening - I wanted to make it to the Danube River bank for sunset as they are usually nice, especially with clouds. None today, but the colors were saturated, so I took a shot of the "iconic" (or should I say "ironic"?) UFO bridge. Its official name is not UFO but everyone calls it like that - even the tourists. And the restaurant up there is also called The U.F.O. 
Anyway, hope you like it and if you want to know the reason I don't like it drop me a comment and I'll explain :-) For the sunset I took my backup camera (Panasonic Lumix GX8) to arrange some digital shots. I am falling in love again!!! <3 <2 <1

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