The Missing Word Is...

.... 'duck'....

We did indeed have a chill out day today. In a word - Wonderful'

I took Hollie for a nice walk around the local playing field and spoke with an old chap who clearly wanted to talk.

Understandably. He disclosed he had recently lost his wife after 69 years of marriage. He was 91 and still driving. He moaned about the cost of insuring his Audi A3! What a guy.

When I got home my wife said 'Do you want to go out for lunch. In the Jag?'

'Mmm, Let me think about it',  sez I.. rushing to find the keys and get my shoes on...

We did go out, in the Cat, and we had a meal and drinks at a fine eatery called the Wheel At Worfield, near Bridgnorth. It was excellent. Great food, great service and very well appointed. We were seated in great comfort and served by a team of lovely waitresses who impressed with their attention to detail and professionalism.

The pub is in very good order, clean homely decor... and some fabulous artwork in the washrooms.

In my excitement I inadvertently cropped the image and missed out the little white duck. Doh!

Consequently I googled the image and am amazed that Banksy art reproductions are available online for very little money. I know what I want for my birthday!

Many thanks for generous comments and faves and stars on recent uploads. Much appreciated! 

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