A day in the life

By Shelling


In order to know if a few pieces of furniture from my old home can fit in my new home, I need to clear the floor, mainly in the workroom of my new home, from boxes and bags. I stayed home all day sorting, planning and putting books on the shelves to get a clear floor space. It was a relief to get it done and will make it easier to choose  what else I might need from my old work room. I like to have space around me, with only the things I need and no more. Tomorrow is the day when I will hopefully empty my old house and start cleaning up, I can't wait to read my next blip.

This evening I was invited to dinner with some of my network-friends. It's so nice to have a relaxed evening together talking about friend things, not  connected to moving and decision making. 
I really like it here in my new place and look forward to plan my life from this new base.

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