House Peacock?

Today was a day for civic duties, so after breakfast it was into the village for a few hours picking litter as part of the annual village litter pick. We were out for only a few hours and probably did less than 1 km of road but we filled three bags with rubbish. Smokers, drinkers and sweet eaters are a real pain in the posterior, throwing their rubbish all over the place. It was at least nice and sunny out and about so we felt quite good when we got home.

After a quick lunch we watched some TV. Pierre the peacock hasn't been calling or on display so much today but he was loitering around the garden when we returned from the litter pick. Some days he or Percy will come and sit at the patio window looking in, we have to make sure we don't leave it open or they will come into the house... It's quite amusing watching TV while being watched by a curious peacock!

I went into the dining room which has a bay window so I could get a good close view of Pierre and took a few pictures of him as he was sitting by the patio doors. I'm not sure which is the best picture, but this one and a few other different crops can also be found over on Google Picasaweb

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