By megabreadvan

Rémy's work experience

All this week, Rémy is on work experience at the local primary school. I feel very proud to see that he is starting to make decisions about his future professional life, even if he is only 14!
In fact, his stint there will only be over 3 days. There is a school strike on Thursday and there is no primary school on Wednesdays here in France. Whatever, he is really enjoying it.

So he is coming home for his lunches, plus Thumpah is working from home 3 days a week. Strange times. Today it was just me and him eating together, then afterwards I decided to "walk him to school". Something I've not done for probably 5 years or more. So it was quite strange. Especially as my son is now taller than I am, and I'm 6ft 2.

I've not ventured away from our house much over the last few months, so I suppose I need to start going out into the big wide world that is our little village. Already it was strange to see new house roofs at the top of our street. More housing and a block of flats have been built over the last year or so.

But we headed in the other direction to the centre of the village and the school. Mid way down our street is this little lane, which is un-tarmacked, at the end of which is the main road through the village.

In the distance is what was a farmhouse with its yard around it. This was owned by a notorious gangster back in the 60's known as "Boucheseiche" (Dry Mouth - in English). He was implicated in the murder of Algerian politician Ben Barka in the "Ben Barka Affair". Look it up on Google.
It seems so strange that something so sinister took place in our small village, which over 50 years ago was a whole lot smaller!

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