By Veronica


There was more blue sky today, but it was very windy and the swell that had built up for the last few days was heaving. I love being able to see the sea all the time.

We started the day with a Spanish lesson, then coffee with Michel. He used to be an economist for a bank and gave us an explanation of monetary policy, central banks, and Bitcoin. I know, that might not sound terribly attractive, but he was good at explaining it in general terms. As we were about to leave the cafe, we spotted R and D, R having recently returned from the UK, so we sat with them for a bit to catch up on their news. Then shopping, so we didn't get home till after one. It seemed simpler to just go out for lunch, so we did, to Don Olivo, a restaurant within walking distance we haven't been to before. We had the menu del dia, which was OK if relatively expensive at 14 euros.

Then home, and I felt lazy enough by then to sit on the sofa and read while also watching the sea and passing birds. May get the popcorn out later to follow British political news.

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