By PicturePoems

Instant friends

Things that just happen are sometimes more beautiful than things you really sit and plan - Bob Ross. This was the quotation on my sister's desk calendar today of the late artist Bob Ross's paintings. It was so apposite as our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, at short notice, came over to visit my sister, while we were still here, too. It was so good to see them again. 

Even though it's only days since we were together, it's a while since my sister had seen them. Then, fortuitously, Mrs B's cousin finished work earlier than usual today, so was also able to pop over and be with her extended family. Little Miss B adored her great-aunt's cat - and it was mutual. He kept rubbing against her and wrapping his tail round her. So sweet. Apparently, she's not stopped talking about him since they got home. (It will be a rather late night for her.) 

Earlier in the day, my sister and I had walked to the Co-op and, on the way home, met an elderly man with a pug that looked the spit and image of Bug Pugglesworth, except it was a girl-pug. I've never seen one with such a similar face, build and colouring. It's been a day of lovely surprises! 

Credit: This photo was actually taken by LMB's mum, and was much better than those I took. 

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