Thank You!

You are great! A bunch of flowers is always a nice way to say "Thank You!" but I didn't even have time to buy some today. I really appreciated all the views, comments, stars and hearts bestowed upon my 1460th blip yesterday.

So, nothing fancy today. After getting back from the hospital and having just 2 hours sleep, I had to help clean our holiday lodge. These miniature daffodils grow beside the steps. From there it was straight back to the hospital to visit The Mother.

I was pleased to find her much better. Thanks for all the well wishes. Just a bit longer testing her blood oxygen levels and she will be discharged.

Back home to see if any of the shots I had done yesterday before the phone call would be what I wanted for my celebratory blip. None quite like those ads I love on TV, but I was happy enough to use one and get to bed to catch up on sleep.

Another early rise tomorrow!

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