Legs Akimbo

Another messy day but a very successful one at Ingleman Towers. Gary started early to finish the plumbing, taking a feed from the mains below the kitchen sink and cutting through to the garage and out to the extension. We now have hot and cold water in the new build, and as a bonus an outside tap at the front of the house. So I can hose my aging fleet of cars without trailing a hose all the way through the house. 


The pictures show the space below the kitchen sink with drifts of polystyrene insulation which has leaked from the cavity in the wall. Doh!  And Gary, flat out and doing his thing. And the trap in the floorboards where the new pipes run underneath and through the wall to the garage.

All sorted, just waiting now for the electricians to complete the second fix. And the last job will be installing the fire door to the new room. Gary's bread and butter, as a supremely competent carpenter joiner

And breathe....

I am very grateful for the kind comments, and hearts and stars in the last few days. So pleasing to have all that support from so many good people. Thank you. 

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