By strawhouse

Another Day, Another Cafe

Miss E volunteers in a charity shop on Saturdays for her Duke of Edinburgh. She was feeling a bit poorly so we took her down and then - in the name of research - went to Coffee #1 to drink cappuccinos and make notes until it was time to pick her up.
The couple in the background of this were amazing - they were on a handily loud video call with their grandson and clearly adored him and each other. It was exactly how I hope Mr K and I are in twenty years - madly in love with each other and our family. They were both in walking boots and clearly fit, energetic, happy. They’re off to Petra in May and are very excited.
We picked up a tired Miss E who was perked up by a quick stop in the ice cream parlour and then it was home for Chinese takeaway - them not me!, Oblivion and Venom: This Time it’s Carnage (or some silly name like that!!) Both really good.
I was telling Miss E about Top Gun and was astounded to realise that I was her age when it came out. How is that even possible?!!!

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