By misterbee

The Girls

Just happy its the weekend.

Mrs B and Anna having a bit of time together before Mrs B's friend came round and I headed out for a local gig with my nephew - just the 20 years younger than me...

Went to see Stevie Agnew play in a pub in Dunfermline. Glad I knew Stevie and Dave who were both playing - the pub was like something from the set of Shameless and the regulars didn't look like they liked strangers much.

After finishing my diet coke and offering my nephew a run home at midnight he hadnt had enough after his 4 pints of "Diesel" (snakebite in my day I think) he said naah - his mates were on a bus that would stop and pick him up and take him to a party....in Dundee (thats about 45 mins away along a motorway). I felt pretty old but glad to head home to my bed at midnight!

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