By Maureen6002


I’ve planned flowers for today - Tiny Tuesday flowers from the garden - but that’s before we decide to head out. By now, the sun is shining and I really need a walk, and of course,  I have to take my camera, just in case. 

After the dramatic beauty of yesterday, I find it hard to get enthusiastic about West Shore. After all, the tide is high, and it’s a beach I only really love when the water’s far, far out. I’m therefore uncharacteristically miserable when we start our walk, but almost immediately nature works her magic, and I’m happy as I walk in sunshine, waves still rolling into shore. 

I’m carrying on along the beach towards Deganwy - G will meet me in the car - but as I turn to watch him go, huge storm clouds loom above the Orme providing a dramatic background to its sunlit slopes. By now the tide is going out, leaving just enough wet sand to provide a mountain mirage on the beach - my main today. (It’s hard to believe this is the same beach I blipped in Sunday’s extra!)

To my relief, the clouds are soon dispersed, and I’m able to continue on my way without a drenching. More importantly, back home, a heavy downpour doesn’t wash away the plaster covering our new lintel for a second time! Yes, you’ll be pleased to know that today the workmen returned to put right last Wednesday’s plastering disaster - and it’s still intact! 

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