By SamAgainPlease

There's a story behind everything...

I used to collect bric-a-brac, not a lot (despite what my wife says).  I'd sometimes wonder what the history of an object was.  Not how it was made or where it came from, but how or why it was important to someone.  When you buy bric-a-brac you sort of buy this weird, completely unknown relationship with someone else's memories.

The had plate above came from an indigenous gallery in Ceduna, bought a day or two either side of the total solar eclipse there in December 2002.  My wife was pregnant with our son..... lots of memories from that trip.  One memory was being in a supermarket there when I heard a white woman say to an indigenous woman words to the effect of "Get out of me way you *!&#!".  I thought I'd imagined it at first....

The "map" location is not where this was bought (it would've been "Arts Ceduna") but the location has an interesting satellite visible feature ;)

Anyway, the plate will wind up broken one day, or in a shop somewhere, but bric-a-brac's not as popular as it used to be... not here in Sydney anyway.  If someone buys it... they will know nothing of its story.  That's the way it goes...

I'm very tired tonight as I stayed up late last night "on watch" with our dog Ellie.  Her leg is recovering extremely well, to the point where the two vets we saw today went "Oh wow!" when they saw her walk in, but she's not keeping food or liquid (or medication) down which is obviously important for a number of reasons.  We took it in turns last night to check in on her just to make sure she was doing ok before getting in touch with vets today.  Back in hospital tonight to ensure she gets what she needs and then more tests to find out what's behind.  She had symptoms pointing to a problem here (reflux basically) before to op and it may have been exacerbated by tubes down her throat during her op.

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