In the Pink

I believe this is a Blip anniversary of six years. And my thanks goes first to Suejay50 who introduced me to this amazing community. And then to the backroom team that look after this site and us. I have met some wonderful people on this journey when blip meets are organised, and the friends along the way are special. So thank you for the welcome to this family. And long may we continue on this photographic journey :-) xx

Today's blip for flowerfriday, I picked up in S'bur'ys this morning after my Aerobics class. They are not in vase yet, but are standing in a bowl of water, and they might have to remain there until the morning as this afternoon I have spent 2 hours in the sun, in the garden. 

A bit of pruning, and then attacked the edges of my two small lawns, so at least now I can see where the edge is when I get the mower out tomorrow. The forecast is good for the whole of the weekend, so I am going to make the most of it out there.

Thank you for  calling in and for all your comments and rewards, they are much appreciated as always. Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend. Take care and stay safe :-) x

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