Looking to the West

An awesome sunset this evening, I had been out to post a letter and stopped to get some snaps over the fields of the Bradshaw estate near Perton. Actual sunset and reflection in my car window. 

No other photography today as I have been enjoying the sunshine and tidying up the garden. Boy are we looking forward to the Spring and getting everything growing again. 

Putin is in the process of getting a bloody nose. I think his people are starting to glance nervously at each other in askance. The West are pledging large funds and military support to boost the Ukraine defence effort. 

My concern now is will the madman be pressing any brightly coloured buttons before the wolves close in. He is doomed, and should at the very least be hounded for war crimes. The man is a crazed lunatic.

Hope we see some better news this week. Pray for peace, or cross your fingers. Ukraine is looking to the West, God bless them with peace. 

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