Course work

After my first class this morning, which was a schools group, my remaining three were Illustration classes. All of them had loads to be getting on with for their graded units so were happy just to get their heads down and work which meant a pretty easy day for me.

This is a glimpse into Siobhan's sketch book. Siobhan is in th e2nd year of her HND and all set to go onto Edinburgh College of Art next year for her degree. Her graded unit is to do a series of greetings cards. As you can probably guess she's gone for a Scottish theme. She's done Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Bridge, a thistle and a set of bagpipes in addition to the Scottie dog so far. There's one other thing but for the life of me I can't remember what she said it was. Anyway they've all been done in this style with a different colour for each card.

I'm not marking it but I was pretty impressed with her work so far.

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