By TheOttawacker

Happy day-before-birthday Mrs. Ottawacker

As Ottawacker Jr. has a calendar of activities fuller than anyone else I know, we decided to celebrate Mrs. Ottawacker's birthday the day before the event - making it a celebration of the final day of the previous year, if you see what I mean.

Picked O. Jr. up from school and then came back to bake a "surprise" birthday cake: gluten free, taste free, texture free - just as requested.

A good time was had by all. Mrs. Ottawacker wanted to order out, so we ended up having Light of India. For a while, it was the second-best restaurant I'd ever been to, but then it went a bit mediocre for a while. I think it was a sentimental choice myself - but I was pleasantly surprised. The lamb saag ghosh was outstanding. 

And is there a more self-indulgent pleasure than curry-induced flatulence? I think not. Provided it is your own, of course.

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