Flower Friday. : : Wildflowers.

I don’t know if it’s my imagination but it does seem that I am seeing Blue and Yellow everywhere I go. Even Mother Nature seems to be showing support for the people of Ukraine. These wildflowers seem to have appeared on Spike’s Walk overnight.

I made a donation to UNICEF today and am thinking that the sacrifices we are making in the form of higher fuel prices and other shortages are the least we can do to support the sanctions against Russian aggression. Unfortunately there are many people who can’t afford the rise in prices. Putin doesn’t even care about his own people, many of whom do not support the war and are risking a great deal to show it. I hope ways can be found to help them.

We had a day of rain yesterday but the sun has come out today and a cold north wind is blowing. Sub-freezing temperatures are predicted for tonight.

When David said he was coming at seven am today to install a new garbage disposal, I predicted that it would never happen. But it did. He came in, installed the disposal, had a cup of coffee and was gone by 7:30, leaving us plenty of time to organize ourselves for coffee at Trail House at 9. Vegetable gardens, kumquat marmalade, burning nuclear reactors, boots from Costco, and a pending get together were  all discussed. No conclusions were reached.

We then took ourselves off to Target to look for a mat to put under the sink so we could put everything back again. I always lose my will and my way halfway through Target, and have to force myself to continue the search for an item I saw last week and should have bought, because it took forever to find it again this morning.

Now all is returned to its rightful place and it is just about wine time which won’t come a moment too soon.

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