By stujphoto

Water Droplet Trials

I have been struggling with my water droplet sessions for a few weeks as the SplashArt equipment, which controls the size, speed and intervals between the droplets, was malfunctioning. For instance when I was doing a purge there was just a dribble of droplets rather than a continuous stream and my single and double droplet sequences often failed to function. I bit the bullet this afternoon and decided to strip the equipment down to remove whatever was causing the blockage, I did this with some trepidation as I was not aware exactly how the equipment worked. Initial attempts to clear the nozzle and pathway to the reservoir failed to make any difference so I had to literally take it completely apart including the electric solenoid in order to clear the water flow. By the time I had removed the solenoid I was then able to remove some gunk with pipe cleaners which was causing the problem. 

By the time I had reassembled everything the rechargeable batteries in my flash guns were nearly dead so I could only do five or six test shots. Normally in a water droplet session I would shoot between 150-200 images so I did not have much choice of a droplet to blip and because of the lighting problems I had to do quite a bit of work in post processing to get a reasonable result. These things can be very frustrating but at least I now seem to have solved the problem and feel more confident in knowing how the equipment works.  

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